Summer loving over, 2nd year media here we come.

I’m finally back in Sheffield ready for my second year at uni. New house, new area, new modules, so bring it on.

I had a bit of a crazy summer hence why it’s been a loong time since I’ve posted, so sorry for that. I pretty much worked full time at my job at IKEA to rack up the savings because I mean, as a student savings are a must. I also really want to travel after I’ve finished my degree [unless I get an AWESOME job] so I need to start saving now really. I also managed to chill out, going on a few holidays with my family and c’mon holidays are always great! The big one of the holidays though was my Charity expedition. In short over the last year I have been holding charity events in order to raise £2895 for Childreach International, a child rights charity, and then I would be climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro. I had such an amazing time (even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done) and it was an opportunity of a lifetime butt raising that much money… seriously, hats off to the charities out there, it is haardd! You can read my blog emeralnvskili which follows me through the whole journey.

So that was my summer, one of my most exciting I must say. Back to reality now though. Year 2 at SHU and the work I do actually counts towards my final grade, scary times! Last year, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really keep up with work, I mean I wasn’t bad, I did quite well, butt I probably could have been better and I did leave starting some of my essays slightly too late but this year will be different! I’m going to be a good student, I’m going to keep on top of work and I’m going to be active and healthy with maybe with a few nights out thrown in there, because I am still a student, and sport socials are pretty fun.

Modules this semester are News Media, Media Identities and Representations and my chosen option Radio. Quite looking forward to Radio actually as me and my friend Ollie did a radio show last year for the SU so it will be interesting to see how to professionally produce a show rather than just going for it like we did. During college media, representations was a subject that I enjoyed learning about and so I’m looking forward to that module too. Personally unsure about news media at the moment but we shall soon see.

2nd year also brings the dreaded placement finding so I’m planning on filling my days with volunteer work in order to make myself more employable in the media industry. I want to look for something creative and hands on because I love getting involved with projects. My other problem with finding a placement currently is that I have no idea what part of the media I want to go into. I think choosing a career is soo hard, plus, I don’t feel old enough to decide what I want to maybe do for the rest of my life?! I know that I love filming and editing both audio and film, and also running the desk in a radio show so if I can do that I’m sorted it’s just finding a job that involves that and wants me.

But for now it’s lectures, essays and volunteering, we can leave searching for that perfect job till later… bring on year 2!



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