3 days and 15 pages later

As I have already mentioned in my blog ‘If you cannot define media how do you log it?’ I intended to complete a three day log of my media usage. Well, 3 days and 15 pages later, I have finally completed it! And to anyone who thinks media logging is easy (including myself before starting)… you’re wrong, so very wrong.

To conduct my log I used a notes app on my phone for each of the three days. Although this may cause some controversy regarding logging media via new media, I stand by my decision to use this app. Not only did it allow me to quickly and efficiently log each of my media usages but I had my phone to hand pretty much all of the time so I could accurately log all of the data right there and then.

‘In everyday life, media are always there and, indeed, everywhere, as they have become part of the very fabric of culture and society… They provide possibilities for interconnectivity around the globe, they compress time and space… Besides structuring the daily agenda, media have become constant mobile companions’. (Kaun and Schwarzenegger [online] 2014)

The fact that media are everywhere and so close to you, means that sometimes, you can’t even see it and this was one of my main challenges when logging. Having to think about and notice every time I pay attention to an advert and noting down every time I look through social media is hard but logging every time I send or read a Facebook message is a completely different story.

And I tell you now, apparently I send a lot messages. During the first day out of the 17.4 hours I logged (this includes no media usage time), 32mins and 10seconds of those hours where spent messaging and it didn’t stop there. This was quite surprising for me as I didn’t realise I used Facebook Messenger and also my mobile so much. As Kaun and Schwarzenegger say ‘media have become constant mobile companions’ (2014) and for me although I hate to admit it, this is completely true.

It’s not just messaging that I use my mobile for either. Checking the time, looking through multiple social media’s, finding out song information via Shazam, checking both my university and personal email and waking myself up in the morning are all other personal uses of my phone. My phone has become a constant companion and  this log really  has shined a light on how much I actually use it.

Even though it seems I am constantly talking to people, I am also quite lonely with my media use as most of the media I use and consume, I use and consume alone it seems. Only twice during three days did I choose to consume media with someone else. Just twice.

One of these times was whilst watching TV. For an 1 hour 23 minutes I watched two different shows with a few friends upstairs. This, was the only time I watched TV over the three days. This really surprised me as well. I thought I watched much more television than that. However, when I actually stop and think about it, I don’t really consume a lot of TV alone, if any, I always seem to be with someone. Coming to University has also altered my TV consumption. For example, when back at home, me and my sister watch The Vampire Diaries and The 100, every week together. I also watch Once upon a Time via Netflix, linked up to my TV with my boyfriend. Now at university, I can’t really do this any more, so it kind of explains why I watch so little now.

I also consume a lot of music on my own. A lot more than I thought. During the 3 days I consumed 1,185 minutes of music including listening to my own personal downloaded music or to CDs or the radio. That’s 19 hours and 45 minutes over only three days!

16 hours and 7 minutes of that was listening to the radio. I never knew I was such a avid listener of Radio 1. Mainly, I feel I didn’t realise I listen to so much radio is because I use it as a background noise when I am in my bedroom alone either doing work or procrastinating. Therefore I feel it doesn’t feel as long because I am doing other things rather than just listening to the radio.

The rest of the 19 hours 45 mins (which totalled 3 hours and 38 minutes) were taken up by listening to my headphones and ipod. I enjoy listening to my music on journeys so assumed that I did listen to a lot of music this way. What  didn’t realise though is the fact that listening to my headphones stops me taking in as much of the world around me. On the first day I forgot my headphones so ended up walking to and from university without them. On these journeys I took notice to the Deadpool advert I logged as well as ‘people watching’ throughout. However on the second and third day when I did have my headphones I did none of this. Which really is quite scary to think about.

The finale question is though, does this three day log reflect my typical media usage? Well no. Unfortunately, during the first day my phone broke and has been ever since, meaning I had no signal and could only use the internet if I was connected to wifi. This therefore altered my log as I could not send or receive texts or make phone calls which then meant I relied on Facebook Messenger using it a lot more than I normally would. It also meant that I couldn’t use online media when I didn’t have wifi. So those 15 pages… probably could have been 30.

Do you think your media usage would surprise you? Because mine certainly haMedia Log


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