Human life or mobile life?

Mobile phones. We use them constantly, every second of every day. To talk to people via text, messenger, whatsapp. To read emails, take photos and even to wake you up in the morning.

According to a United Nations telecom agency, there are almost as many mobile phone subscriptions in the world as people. In 2012 there were nearly seven billion people on earth, seven billion! Out of those seven billion people, I wonder how many could live without their phone for even just a day.

Do you think you could live without yours?

I mean what’s it like to live without a mobile. Thinking during a seminar about how much I actually use my mobile, I feel it would actually be quite hard.

Not only do I use it throughout the day as a constant means of conversation via text and messenger to my friends, family and group chats, but I use it for an alarm, a calendar, a calculator, for notes and even a way out of awkward situations by scrolling through social feeds.

It’s not just me though, or at least I hope it isn’t. The generation nowadays, apparently live on their mobiles and I suppose I kind of do, I most definitely rely on it more than I should and maybe I should start trying not to depend on it so much, it would probably do me some good.

Do you depend on your phone or do you think you could live without it? Comment below and let me know


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