Identities and Representations – Gender

What is gender nowadays? I mean, there are so many options when you sign forms and you don’t even have to answer if you would ‘prefer not to say’.

So is gender part of our identity? Does gender help form our identity? If we get categorised by gender I suppose you have to say its your identity but I don’t do things or buy things just because I’m a girl, do I?

My media identities and representations module has been focused on gender and identity for this week.

First of all what actually is gender? The word sex and sexuality are always connected so what means what? My lecturer showed us this to explain


So gender is a form of our identity, but does it convince us to make other choices in our life? Like our job? When I say nurse do you think man or woman, when I say builder do you think man or woman? A good blog highlighting this is are-you-man-enough-to-be-a-nurse

Another thing which is entirely based on gender is advertisement… From a young child we are split into genders. Packaging on toys for girls are pink, packaging on toys for boys are blue, girls play with babies and pushchairs, boys play with guns and hammers. As you grow up, woman have pink razors, men have blue and we even have segregated spaces in the supermarket. Check out this video all about gendered marketing.



But now, with gender becoming fluid will advertisers change? Will shops stop gender segments  or will we just ignore the media and forget about the gender segments forced upon us!? Time will tell I suppose.


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